Chapter 2

Chapter Two

The literature review is often the most stressful chapter for dissertating students because it is the most feared chapter because it is labor intensive and is the most lengthiest. I often find that students become paralyzed during an extensive literature search to show their proposed study is important and timely in that after a few days or weeks, become overwhelmed with doubt as to whether enough material has been garnered to begin writing and because their critical thinking abilities as a scholar are going to be most evident. This chapter is not about convincing the reader that you are knowledgeable about the work of others; instead, it is about a coherent argument that leads to the study's description. Because much of the labor goes into writing, take a moment and review the resources I have below so the logic behind your argument can be stated properly and any writing weaknesses do not stand out like a soar thumb. Also be sure to check out your university dissertation manual and resources for specific expectations of this chapter.

Writing Resources

YouTube Video from the CCL on Scholarly Writing

***See files below for the additional resources****

The Literature Review

Writing the Literature Review - Part 1 (Taylor, 2010)

Writing the Literature Review - Part 2 (Taylor, 2010)

Center for Research Quality: Literature Reviews

NOTE: If you're a visual learner like me, remember to hit up YouTube for other great videos on each phase of the dissertation process. Many videos are considered trustworthy due to the consistency of the dissertation process in general from one university to the next. However, there is NO substitute for the written scholarly and peer-reviewed report or text. Always seek out scholarly sources on a topic before resorting to a video that will likely NOT be scholarly or considered valid and reliable enough to cite in your reporting.

Research Paradigm/Worldviews
Video on Positivism & Social Constructivism (Bull, 2015)
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